A factory tour of SIGMA visit

A factory tour of SIGMA visit

The Sigma’s factory located in the north of Tokyo. The signal factory was suddenly there in all of its industry beauty a place which I dream of visiting already as a child when I first saw my late father using the lenses on his action camera.

I first met the moccasin a few years ago. His unique managing style makes him a respected person even among his competitors. when my father founded the company, he didn’t want to be the dictator or strong company owner. He wanted to be more harmonized the company. So Sigma means the summation. He wanted to the company with the summation of people’s power, people’s knowledge, people’s experience, people wisdom. They do not rely only on the computer system to keep track of everything. If they try to make the perfect computer system to take manage all the small components, it would be a huge system and it may not work very nicely or with harmony. So they use a computer system to control the production, but also the communication between the staff is a key need to streamline the production.

There are two reasons to use older machinery than modern machinery. The first thing is that it’s more efficient in some cases. For example, if process simple parts or process the fat for very few small numbers like the part 4 prototype or toolings, such old simple machine works quite frequently, more efficient than the modern big machines. The second reason is that such an old machine can train the young workers very efficiently, he means with those machines old machines, young stuff can learn the basics of the process from the beginning.

All the machinery is actually in blue. That is his father the preference. His father wanted to paint all the machine in blue. He does not want the puppy just use other kind of money generator but the nice place for the people to work for that’s my father’s dream. It’s a very much family type company. He knows the people by name, he knows the people by faces. One of the oldest workers here works for nearly 45 years.

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