Burnaston Toyota Manufacturing in UK

Burnaston Toyota Manufacturing in UK

Factory Information

Factory owner: Toyota Motor Manufacturing UK (TMUK)

Address: Burnaston, Derby, Derbyshire, DE1 9TA

Factory status: Working

Production (2009): 127,390 cars

Employees: 2786


Factory History

Toyota announced in 1989 that it would start manufacturing in Europe, and in December TMUK was established. Car production started at Burnaston in December 1992 with the Carina-E, replaced by the Avensis in 1997. The following year the Corolla started production, which was replaced by the Auris in 2007. Plastic mouldings, body pressing and body assembly are all carried out on site as well as final assembly, with engines coming from Toyota’s factory in Flintshire, North Wales.

The plant built its three millionth car in June 2010, and is now building a Hybrid (Petrol/Electric) version of the Auris.

The facility has an impressively low environmental impact: 99.9% of packaging is re-used, and heat from exhaust gases is captured and used where heat is required in the production process. Since 1992, water use has been reduced by 75%, energy by over 70% and waste by 60%, and none of that waste goes to landfill.

Due to favourable current exchange rates, TMUK are currently exporting Toyota models to Japan. Toyota is the world’s biggest car manufacturer, although a spokesman for the company said their most important aim was to be number one with the customer.


Vehicles produced at Burnaston

  • Toyota Auris

  • Toyota Auris Hybrid

  • Toyota Avensis (Saloon and Estate)

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