The 5 Benefits of Using Automotive Led Lights

The 5 Benefits of Using Automotive Led Lights

Since incandescent bulbs lit up the night for the first time, car headlights and bulbs have developed rapidly. Xenon lights, which were only used extensively in luxury limousines just over 20 years ago, have not yet completely leaped the high-end vehicles. However, it will be replaced in the foreseeable future by modern LED technology. We want to explain the advantages and disadvantages of the led lights in the car and dare to look into the future.

The technological research of the automotive sector is focusing on the production of electric cars. It primarily provides for the use of LED bulbs precisely because they save a lot of energy. LED bulbs have important factors for the safety of the driver. They are perfect for stops and warning signs, as they turn on and off very quickly. They also emit pure light, with particular penetration through fog and haze.

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Energy save

The headlights with LEDs compared to traditional halogen bulbs have the advantage of obtaining a greater range of visibility, thanks to the color tone that differs slightly from that of daytime lighting. Besides, they consume a minimal amount of energy, about five times less than other lighting technologies.

Long lifespan

Today LED bulbs can offer, per watt, the same light emission as a traditional bulb, guaranteeing an almost unlimited duration and resistance. The average life of a led bulb is 11.5 years of service, therefore longer than the life of most vehicles. For this reason, many car manufacturers insert LED bulbs into the structure of the car, without requiring replacement or maintenance. The LED bulbs do not contain gas harmful to health and do not have toxic substances. Therefore they are perfect for respecting the environment, unlike the xenon lights.


The headlights of the new generation cars have a small design particularly suitable for h11 led bulbs. They do not require the space and depth of high-intensity bulbs or halogen ones and are well suited to new styles and confined spaces.

Some well-known car manufacturers are at the forefront as regards the design of the deep headlights that work with LED lights. These are particular and recognizable designs that identify the model and brand of the car, a winning operation from marketing the car and LED bulbs.

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The disadvantages

The disadvantage is that unlike the halogen optical groups, the LED ones heat all the control electronics. Therefore, it is necessary to install fans or, in any case, small radiators to dissipate the heat.

Modern lighting technology

In the past, the use of LED car bulbs was limited to bulbs of lower brightness, such as side marker lights, car interior lights, or rear lights because of being directional and concentrated light. It did not adapt to the cases in which it was necessary to emit diffused light. Today modern LED bulbs are developing the same potential as traditional bulbs; for this reason, their application in the automotive field is expanding.

LED technology promotes greater freedom for car designers (while waiting for laser lighting technology to spread even more), greater safety, better performance, and longer life of bulbs. There are already numerous models of retrofit bulbs, which also allow older cars to mount LED lights instead of halogen series.

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